August 2, 2023

OpenText Content Manager 23.3 is Released

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This is the first release of the Content Manager 23.3 program series, which uses a new versioning that is compliant with OpenText product naming convention. It uses a Year.Quarter format, for example, for the first quarter of 2024, the versioning would be 24.1.

Here's some of the new features you can look forward to in CM23.3:

Microsoft Teams Integration

Filtering Content

Display content that is filed only in Content Manager, not in Content Manager, or all content.

Syncing files

A sync icon appears for manually checked in records that warns the user when a Checked In copy of the file is not up to date.

Editing record properties

Edit properties is available in the Properties tab menu that allows users to edit the record properties.

Exposing records

You can expose or add Checked In records from Content Manager to a channel in MS Teams.

Mobile App

Sorting record list

You can sort the record list by - Title, Date Registered, or Record Number.

Sharing record metadata

Share record number, title, desktop link, and mobile link for the record

Modifying record metadata

Users with appropriate permissions can edit the record properties including Title, Assignee and Container.

Accessing Mobile App on tablets

You can now access the Content Manager Mobile App on your tablet and iPad.


WebDav to CheckOut and edit

Check out an electronic document from the Content Manager Web Client and edit it directly in its authoring application.

Content Manager Client

Predictive mode and drop-down history

New Edit Fields option in User options enables you to set predictive mode as well as determine the drop-down history limit

Creating and setting an automated folder rule

Content Manager enables you to create and set an automated folder rule for container objects that have the "Part Numbering - Record Type does not allow New Parts to be created" option enabled. You can create rule(s) for automatic creation of container(s) or folders based on month, year, or financial year.

Filter records when creating a census

You can add a search criteria and filter records when you create a new census activity.

Reset actions when copying a record

Copying a record is enhanced with a new Reset Action option that allows you to update the Action dates to reflect the new date on the copied record.

Allow records to inherit additional fields

Cascade additional fields values from container when creating new records, is a new system option that will allow records to inherit additional fields from the container during the creation process.

Manage in Place Adaptors

To support the Manage In Place feature, Content Manager introduces a new concept of Manage in Place adaptors, allowing Content Manager to interface with external storage systems.

Manage in Place adaptors encapsulate the necessary information, such as URL's and credentials, to allow Content Manager to access documents in an external storage system. Manage in Place adaptors are configured in the Content Manager client by going to Administration > Manage in Place Adaptors.

Content Manager supports the following new Manage in Place document store types:

  • Windows File System
  • Microsoft 365
  • Amazon S3 Compliant
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Store

The complete list of enhancements and new features can be found in the Content Manager 23.3 release notes here.

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