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FYB Apps

Focus on keeping your information centralised within Content Manager whilst maximising efficiency and user experience with alternative interfaces to access their information. Keep your users where they’re most comfortable, spending less time learning and navigating complex systems.
The FYB 365|2CM App automatically transfers information from Microsoft 365 and Network Shares into OpenText Content Manager
The FYB DocUControl leverages OpenText Content Manager to deliver a seamless and efficient solution for the publication of quality documentation such as policies, procedures and work instructions.
The FYB Drawings2CM is an intuitive web application that enables users to upload, view and manage drawings stored within OpenText Content Manager.
The FYB Explorezel provides users with an intuitive search platform to explore documents across OpenText Content Manager and Microsoft 365.
The FYB Mediazel provides users with an intuitive, online interface enabling them to easily upload, manage and share your organisation’s media items such as photographs, illustrations, audio and video stored within OpenText Content Manager.
The FYB Reportilize assists with the creation and maintenance of statistical dashboards for OpenText Content Manager to help track and measure your key performance indicators.

FYB Products

Build a robust information governance platform to help you maintain business content from creation to disposal
OpenText (Micro Focus) Content Manager
Content Manager
OpenText (Micro Focus) Content Manager Modules
Content Manager Modules
Voltage Fusion by OpenText
Voltage Fusion by OpenText
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FYB maintains business technology and development partnerships with leading technology companies so we can continue to deliver the best information governance solutions to our customers.
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  • We're proactive and consistent with product updates
  • Our products are continually evolving and growing to meet the needs of your organisation
  • We're Content Manager experts, using it every single day for our own information management
  • Delivering the best information governance systems and solutions is our priority
  • Our pricing is competitive and affordable

System Add-ins

Enhance Content Manager functionality and user experience
The FYB DocUCheck add-in for OpenText Content Manager provides users with a proactive notification and reminder service to advise that documents are currently checked-out and may be suitable for being checked-in.
The FYB DocULink enables users to check in and check out linked documents from OpenText Content Manager, without losing the links between the documents.
The FYB DocUMove provides users with an intuitive web interface for uploading multiple documents into OpenText Content Manager. It enables users to easily and quickly migrate documents from network drives, hard drives, USB sticks or other locations as needed.
The FYB Email Tagger generates a unique identifier to streamline the inMailX filing process from Microsoft Outlook to OpenText Content Manager.
The FYB Enhancement Suite of add-ins for OpenText Content Manager improves functionality thereby enhancing your users experience and providing them with efficiencies.
The FYB Folder Template Creator provides systems administrators with an intuitive interface to design and build folder structures that can be generated by end users through the click of a button in OpenText Content Manager.
The FYB InfoInsert provides users with the ability to quickly and easily insert metadata properties from OpenText Content Manager into Microsoft Word documents, and generate new documents from templates, streamlining document creation and enabling your users to work more efficiently
The FYB Info Security Guard assists organisations to confidently share information via Microsoft Outlook email from OpenText Content Manager whilst complying with government standards and regulations.
The FYB Link Generator is a simple but effective add-in that enables users to generate a link to view, download and edit documents stored in OpenText Content Manager.
The FYB Locations Manager provides systems administrators with an intuitive console for managing and maintaining locations within OpenText Content Manager.
The FYB PDF Generator enables users to generate a PDF rendition or revision of a document within OpenText Content Manager and generate a PDF copy to send via email quickly and easily.
The FYB Reassign Actions add-in for OpenText Content Manager is a simple but effective solution that enables users to reassign actions for single or multiple items quickly and easily.
The FYB Soft Deleter is a simple but effective add-in that enables users to request the removal of a record from OpenText Content Manager.

System Connectors

Transfer information from a variety of platforms into Content Manager to meet your compliance requirements
FYB CM2Teamwork

The FYB CM2Teamwork connector enables organisations to publish and maintain revisions and versions of documents from OpenText Content Manager to the project management platform Teamwork Projects.

FYB CM2Webshare

The FYB CM2WebShare automates the publication of records from OpenText Content Manager to your website and intranet, enabling you to control what information is displayed and how it looks, whilst maintaining security of the information at all times,

FYB Gravity2CM

The FYB Gravity2CM transfers the output from completed Gravity Forms into OpenText Content Manager.


The FYB Law2CM captures matters, clients and documents from Lawcadia into OpenText Content Manager.


The FYB Page2CM connector automatically transfers documents from PageUp into relevant employee and position folders in OpenText Content Manager

FYB Pathway2CM

The FYB Pathway2CM connector has unlimited possibilities to allow your organisation to seamlessly provide two-way integration between Infor Pathway with OpenText Content Manager.

FYB Power2CM

The FYB Power2CM connector creates records in Content Manager from Microsoft Power Automate, enabling you to integrate a variety of platforms with OpenText Content Manager.

FYB Sales2CM

The FYB Sales2CM is a seamless integration to capture e-mails, documents and contacts from Salesforce into OpenText Content Manager.

FYB Service2CM

The FYB Service2CM captures information from ServiceNow into OpenText Content Manager.


The FYB SmartIQ2CM connector provides a seamless integration between the SmartIQ and the OpenText Content Manager solutions.

FYB Ungerboeck2CM

The FYB Ungerboeck2CM connector enables organisations to capture event information including accounts, contacts and electronic documentation into OpenText Content Manager from Ungerboeck.