Reassign Actions add-in for OpenText Content Manager

The FYB Reassign Actions add-in for OpenText Content Manager is a simple but effective solution that enables users to reassign actions for single or multiple items quickly and easily.

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Reassign Actions

Using the FYB Reassign Actions add-in will provide the following benefits:
  • Streamlines the process for reassigning actions, supporting deadlines
  • Simplifies functionality, making it more intuitive for users
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What's new in v2.4.X?
  • Actions that are assigned to an organisation or group can now be completed by a user that is part of that group or organisation
  • Admin console has been updated to allow for notes on the Complete Current Action to be disabled from use
  • The default location search will populate based on the Content Manager user options selected
  • Complete Action Interface has been updated to complete and reassign actions within a single window
  • Web client and desktop versions of Reassign Actions has been updated to provide consistent functionality between the applications
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Key features:

  • Supports Content Manager tag and task functionality
  • Users can reassign the current action or all actions for single or multiple records
  • Actions can be reassigned to the user themselves or to another user
  • Quick access buttons can be added to the Content Manager ribbon and/or are accessible through the right click menu
  • Users can complete the current action and if additional actions are remaining a prompt will appear to add additional notes and confirm the responsible location for the next action
  • Available for Desktop and Web Client
  • Admin Console


  • Content Manager 10x, 10.1x, 23.x
  • Supports a 32bit or 64bit Content Manager client environment
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or greater
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Why choose FYB Software?

  • We're proactive and consistent with product updates
  • Our products are continually evolving and growing to meet the needs of your organisation
  • We're Content Manager experts, using it every single day for our own information management
  • Delivering the best information governance systems and solutions is our priority
  • Our pricing is competitive and affordable
  • FYB apps, add-ins and connectors are certified Australian Made and each proudly carries the ‘Australian Made’ brand.

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