Content Manager Upgrade

The key is not to leave your upgrades too long in between, and to recognize that by investing in them, you will benefit your organisation and your users.

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Upgrade Infrastructure

Technology will always evolve and require upgrading; demand for new features, changes to government compliance and reporting, and the desire for things to run faster are just a few reasons why you need to upgrade.

Upgrading will enable you to:

  • Realise the investment you’ve made in your technologies by gaining access to product enhancements, new functionality, better performance and system stability
  • Keep pace with evolving technologies ensuring all your systems are working effectively together
  • Ensure your systems and processes work effectively to support staff, reducing duplication of effort and streamlining processes through automation

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Experienced Implementation Consultants

Our experienced consultants provide upgrade services from planning through to deployment for a range of products, including:

  • Content Manager
  • EzeScan
  • InMailX
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Why upgrade your solutions

  • Increase productivity and efficiencies as newer technologies provide faster and more efficient processing
  • Better security as ageing technologies are not actively security-checked
  • Access to enhancements as features in newer technologies can be used to provide functionality that was not possible in older versions
  • Active support as software vendors test applications on current and most recent versions, they won’t spend time testing applications on aging systems
  • Reduced costs, upgrading sounds expensive, but the truth is that older systems have more issues and consequently more costs

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Why work with us?

  • Our team is experienced and versatile, we work collaboratively with you to design and implement innovative solutions
  • We’ll help you leverage your investment in existing technologies so your solutions are robust and work more efficiently for you
  • We deliver solutions that meet or exceed your expectations, on time and within your budget


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If your system(s) are no longer meeting the needs of your organisation, then please contact us to arrange an upgrade today.

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