March 2, 2021

Micro Focus Content Manager 10 is here

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Content Manager 10 is finally here, with plenty of new features for everyone! Here's a just a few of the new features and enhancements.

Web Client

Explorer landing page

The landing page of the Web Client has been replaced with a record-centric Explorer window. This Explorer window allows users to view and action records associated with Content Manager objects, including Classifications, User Labels, Saved Searches, as well as those records that are associated with Content Manager Trays from a single page.

Searching enhancements

A searchable Search Methods field in the Quick Search option has been included. By typing a word into this field, a list of matching Search Methods will be displayed. The user can then select the required method and type in their search query.

Desktop Client

New records dialog

Side navigation replaces the previous top navigation, you’ll notice this across location, classification, workflow and activity dialogs as well.

Field Placeholders

Ability to set placeholders that can help you to provide more details on the field or assist with organisation naming standards

Suspend actions

Actions (in Action Tracking) can now be suspended until a certain date

Copy Link

Copy link is a new way to share a record using a URL.

Custom Ribbon Commands

The ability to add Custom Ribbon Commands has been introduced. From the Content Manager ribbon, users can opt to create specialised menu commands for a number of Content Manager objects.

Record Type Display Order

Customise the display order of record types enables organisations to list their most used record types at the top rather than the default order.

Copy Security

From the right-click Security and Audit menu, the Copy Security and Access Policy option allows the copying of the Security and Access Controls from the specified item to selected item(s) of the same object type. This new feature allows for an easier bulk application of a change in security and/or access control.

Improved Print Merge Dialog

Users can now search the fields and see the selected fields on the right

Share User Labels

By introducing Owner into the properties, this enables you to assign a person, group or organisation to share the label with.

Browse BCS explorer window

Browsing BCS is now available in an explorer window making it easier to navigate with Classifications on the left, records on the right and the properties at the bottom.

This view can also be used to navigate through your favourites, saved searches, locations, trays and more.

Dashboard Tasks

The Dashboard now includes tasks, and work from others if you are their delegate.

This is only a short snippet of the new features included in Micro Focus Content Manager 10. The complete list of enhancements and new features ca be can be accessed here in the Content Manager 10 release notes.

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