FYB SmartIQ2CM connecting smart forms to OpenText Content Manager

The FYB SmartIQ2CM connector provides a seamless integration between the SmartIQ and OpenText Content Manager solutions.

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The FYB SmartIQ2CM connector ensures outputs generated through SmartIQ are seamlessly transferred into Content Manager, enabling organisations to meet their governance and legislative compliance requirements for information, records and document management.

Using the FYB SmartIQ2CM connector will provide the following benefits:
  • Automated transfer of metadata and document(s) to Content Manager, removing manual capture processes and reducing operational costs
  • Streamlined document lifecycle process leveraging the governance, compliance and disposal functionality of Content Manager, reducing risks associated with non-compliance with government and industry requirements
  • Automated document naming conventions, enabling quicker retrieval of records, thus improving the capability of the organisation to respond to customers within or ahead of agreed time frames

What is SmartIQ?

The SmartIQ platform, (formerly known as Intelledox Infiniti) empowers organisations to digitally transform paper and forms based manual business processes into intuitive, guided user experiences.

What's new in v3.1.0?
  • Compatible with SmartIQ version 16
  • Underlying framework of the connector has been updated to .NET CORE 6.0

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Key features:

  • Ability to create new or update existing records within Content Manager, including:
    - Updating existing revisions of documents or their metadata only
    - Updating records based on the Unique Identifier (URI)
  • Ability to create or update multiple Content Manager objects at time within a single project such as creating a new folder for your generated documents
  • Ability to set multiple properties of a record including:
    - Title and Notes
    - Contact Information: Address, Author, Client, Other, Representative
    - Assignee, Creator, Home and Owner
    - Actions and Initiate Content Manager Workflows
    - Classification and Record Numbers
    - Security Caveats, Levels and Access Controls
    - Container, Alternate Container and Related to relationships
    - Date Due, Date Closed and Finalise generated documents


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Why choose FYB Software?

  • We're proactive and consistent with product updates
  • Our products are continually evolving and growing to meet the needs of your organisation
  • We're Content Manager experts, using it every single day for our own information management
  • Delivering the best information governance systems and solutions is our priority
  • Our pricing is competitive and affordable
  • FYB apps, add-ins and connectors are certified Australian Made and each proudly carries the ‘Australian Made’ brand.

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FYB maintains business technology and development partnerships with leading technology companies so we can continue to deliver the best information governance solutions to our customers.

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