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The FYB Reportilize assists with the creation and maintenance of statistical dashboards for Micro Focus’ Content Manager to help track and measure your key performance indicators.

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A BI Solution for Content Manager

Using the FYB Reportilize will provide the following benefits:
  • Provides users with on demand access to important statistical data to support decision making in your organisation
  • Allows users to interact with the dashboards, providing them with a customised view to monitor and review the data
  • Reduce time users spend manually creating reports

What's new in v2.1.14?
  • Any dashboard report can now be saved automatically to Content Manager when the report is generated
  • Ability to track dashboard usage and automatically email a monthly report of the application's usage
  • Document store growth reporting is now an optional feature. If the document store does not have a capacity set, the document store growth will not be calculated.
  • MSI will now prepopulate all values from a previously installed version of Reportilize
  • Admin console has been refreshed to be consistent with all other FYB web applications
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Key features:

  • Intuitive web interface to view, create and search statistical dashboards quickly and easily
  • Generate PDF reports for each dashboard to download, email or automatically capture into Content Manager
  • Schedule automated email reports for each dashboard and customise the email templates
  • Set different chart types including bar, line, pie and doughnut
  • Group data together to compare and track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Customise dashboards by toggling data on and off
  • Add dashboards to your favourites
  • Group dashboards and restrict access for users to view the group of dashboards
  • Ability to create record or location dashboards
  • Drill down to view data in a detailed list format and customise the metadata shown
  • Ability to launch records from the list view in Content Manager
  • Ability to finalise records in saved searches
  • Intuitive admin console
  • Automated statistics email with applications usage



  • Micro Focus Content Manager 9.4x, 10x
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 10
  • Access to Reportilize requires the user to have a valid Content Manager license
  • FYB Reportilize must be installed on a Content Manager workgroup server
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • .NET Core SDK (x64) 3.1.401 or greater must be installed on the hosting system
  • .NET Core Hosting Bundle 3.1.7 or greater must be installed on the hosting system
  • Please ensure you are using a compatible browser:
    - Microsoft Edge
    - Google Chrome
    - Firefox
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Why choose FYB Software?

  • We're proactive and consistent with product updates
  • Our products are continually evolving and growing to meet the needs of your organisation
  • We're Content Manager experts, using it every single day for our own information management
  • Delivering the best information governance systems and solutions is our priority
  • Our pricing is competitive and affordable
  • FYB apps, add-ins and connectors are certified Australian Made and each proudly carries the ‘Australian Made’ brand.


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At FYB we strive to turn around enhancements as quick as you log them. We don't have lengthy approval processes or years between releases.

FYB run an agile development program with product updates from quarterly to annual, ensuring our solutions continue to meet and exceed your requirements.

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