Manage Policies, Procedures and Controlled Documents

The FYB DocUControl leverages OpenText Content Manager to deliver a seamless and efficient solution for the publication of quality documentation such as policies, procedures and work instructions.

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Centralise Controlled Documents in Content Manager

Using the FYB DocUControl will provide the following benefits:
  • Enable your organisation to track the development of controlled documents from drafting through to approval, providing you with one source of truth and ensuring you are meeting industry compliance, recordkeeping, ISO 9001 and SA/SNZ HB 168 standards
  • Ensure staff or the public only ever see the latest approved version of a controlled document through an intuitive web interface at anytime from anywhere, reducing the risk of referring to out-dated or incorrect policies, procedures and work instructions
  • Automatically schedule annual reviews of controlled documents, enabling them to be proactively kept up to date
What's new in v3.2.13?
  • Searches and Category views can be directly accessed via shareable links
  • Option to change the Record Link format to support both the native and Web Content Manager Clients, useful for clients that don't already use FYB CM Launcher
  • Search results can now be exported in CSV format
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Key features:

  • Intuitive web interface enabling users to search for controlled documents by Title, Record Number, URI, Keywords and classification
  • Filter and sort results using customisable metadata fields
  • PDF Rendering module included to automatically render and display a PDF copy of the controlled document
  • Browse by customisable categories, topics and A-Z
  • Advanced searching capabilities with customisable metadata fields
  • Track whether documents have been acknowledged by each user, enabling them to sign off that they acknowledge the document once viewed
  • Upload controlled documents and view any recently uploaded
  • Add controlled documents to your favourites
  • Maintains settings of the controlled documents from Content Manager through to publication
  • Download single or multiple controlled documents as original or PDF format
  • Share single or multiple controlled documents via email or copy links to clipboard
  • Downloaded controlled documents contain a watermark with the downloaded date and active audit event of the record is updated with details of who downloaded the record
  • Intuitive Administration Console providing you the ability to configure:
    - Navigation and Browsing options
    - Record Type and Metadata options
    - Site appearance and apply organisational branding
    - Document review periods, responsibilities and email content for notifications
  • View and export document statistics, including; overdue documents or those nearing review
  • Ability to apply Content Manager workflow and actions or a Power Automate Flow to facilitate the drafting, authorisation, approval and automatic publication process of controlled documents
  • Ability to apply different Content Manager workflows to individual controlled documents
  • Automatically generates new versions of the controlled documents that are ready for review in the upcoming month, attaching the workflow which will trigger notifications to responsible staff via email
  • Customisable email notifications for document reviews, overdue documents and when a new document has been published

How does 365|2CM compare?

SharePoint Integration Module for Content Manager
Content Manager 10.1 Teams Integration
Content Manager 23.4 Teams Integration
Manage SharePoint files within Content Manager
Manage Teams files, posts and chats within Content Manager
Manage OneDrive files within Content Manager
Manage Network Share files within Content Manager
Automatic lifecycle management
Replace source documents with TR5 files and URL link after archival
Auto classification for new containers based on the contents of the document library
Map access controls that dynamically update using members of the connected SharePoint site
Transfer files and lock editing to ensure users edit documents from SharePoint only
Connection Management Centralised within 365|2CM Requires deployment to each managed site Configured within Teams and deployed to each channel individually Configured within Teams
Mapping of Document Set/Folder Structures to Content Manager Out of the Box Configuration required Configuration required Configuration required
SharePoint Knowledge required Minimal Advanced Advanced Advanced



  • Content Manager 10x, 10.1x, 23x
  • Windows Server 2016 (IIS 10) or greater
  • The account used to run the app pool will need access to Content Manager
  • DocUControl must be installed on a Content Manager workgroup server
  • Content Manager 64bit client installed on the server
  • The application will need to be HTTPS-protected
  • .NET 6 SDK (x64) version 6.0.400 or greater must be installed on the hosting system
  • ASP.NET Core Runtime Hosting Bundle version 6.0.8 or greater must be installed on the hosting system
  • Use of the Power Automate flows requires a valid Power Automate license (per user or per-flow plan) - note this is an optional feature
  • Compatible browsers:
    - Microsoft Edge
    - Google Chrome
    - Firefox
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Why choose FYB Software?

  • We're proactive and consistent with product updates
  • Our products are continually evolving and growing to meet the needs of your organisation
  • We're Content Manager experts, using it every single day for our own information management
  • Delivering the best information governance systems and solutions is our priority
  • Our pricing is competitive and affordable
  • FYB apps, add-ins and connectors are certified Australian Made and each proudly carries the ‘Australian Made’ brand.

We listen and deliver

At FYB we strive to turn around enhancements as quick as you log them. We don't have lengthy approval processes or years between releases.

FYB run an agile development program with product updates from quarterly to annual, ensuring our solutions continue to meet and exceed your requirements.

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