May 11, 2022

Micro Focus Content Manager 10.1

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Content Manager 10.1 is here and introduces a number of new features that build upon those released in CM 10, here's some of the new features:

Mobile App

Navigate records

Users can navigate familiar options such as Recents, Records In/Due and more

View records

Users can navigate through folder structures and easily preview files, including their metadata properties.

Create records

Records can be uploaded straight from your mobile into Content manager from the search navigation tab.


Grid View

View metadata of records in a column styled view that allows quick information at a glance. Users can easily switch between list and grid view via the button above the results.

Content Manager Client

Property Editor

The new Property Editor option allows users to update the properties of Content Manager objects, either as a single object update, or as a multiple object update. This means you can update objects such as record types in bulk. When editing single objects users can track the current values alongside the new values before saving.

Custom Tooltips

As an extension to the options to add Placeholder Text within fields and Custom Text fields on Record Entry forms that were introduced in 10.0, administrators now have the option to add custom Tooltips to fields on Record Entry forms via the new Tooltip tab available on the Form field Properties dialog.

Cascade Properties

In the View pane for objects, it is now possible to include properties of the parent property on the child object’s view pane, so details of the parent object can be seen without having to navigate from the child object. Cascade can easily be minimised to show the child object only.

Automatic Container Creation

The automatic creation of records to be used as a container for new records can be configured for Classifications that are available to the auto-classification process and Check In Styles.

Event Monitor

The Event Monitor option in the Content Manager client gives users with the required permissions to Content Manager, but who do not have access to Content Manager Enterprise Studio, the ability to monitor the Event Processing status for the available Workgroup Servers.

Export Metadata

The Export Metadata Tool can be used to export the metadata associated with existing records. The interface and functionality are closely modelled on the existing Print Merge tool.

Record Store Transfer

The new Record Store Transfer feature provides support for the migration of electronic records from normal document stores to SEC-compliant stores

Easily define transfer of the main document, revisions and renditions.


When creating or modifying Alerts, users now have the option to associate a specific Email Template to be used when sending the Alert email notification.

For record Alerts, there is a new option for Alert Subscribers which allows the ability to select a meta subscriber, rather than individual locations. Each location that is associated to the selected metadata type(s) with a valid email address will receive the alert. For example, All Addressees of the record will be subscribed to the Alert.

Print Merge Templates

The ability to create Print Merge Configuration files has been introduced and they can easily be loaded in from the Print Merge interface. These Print Merge configuration files allow users to create template Print Merge files which can be saved for easier creation of Print Merge documents

The complete list of enhancements and new features can be found in the Content Manager 10.1 release notes that can be accessed here.

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