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OpenText (Micro Focus) Content Manager has a number of modules to enable you to establish a robust information governance platform

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OpenText (Micro Focus) Content Manager Modules

Modules can be added as needed to your Content Manager base license. Contact us today to organise a demonstration of any of the following modules.

Advanced Disposal Processing

The Advanced Disposal module for Content Manager is a workflow tool that guides you through the processing of the disposal of records.  These processes are all undertaken electronically, providing a seamless and efficient approval process.

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Auto Classification

The Auto Classification module for Content Manager automates the classification of electronic records based on the content of the record.  It places the records in temporary holding bay(s), whilst it uses terms and descriptions from the Classification to determine what the information is, and where it best fits within the Classification.  It will then move the records to that Classification based on the policies that have been configured.

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Information Governance App for Sharepoint

Integration between Content Manager and SharePoint is achieved through the Information Governance App and provides records management rigor to SharePoint content.

The App enables you to manage, finalise, relocate and archive Microsoft SharePoint content including blogs, wikis, discussions, documents, and sites, according to established business rules, into Content Manager.

This process is transparent to the user and all managed content is easily discoverable from Microsoft SharePoint and Content Manager. Organisations can confidently build new business applications on the Microsoft SharePoint platform and seamlessly manage the content in Content Manager with records governance as a server-side process.

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The OCR Imaging Processing Module for Content Manager converts electronic documents that are not text searchable to a text searchable format. It removes the need for OCR capabilities on multifunction or scanning devices and can process the documents without user interaction.

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The Rendering module for Content Manager creates long-term portable document format (PDF) renditions of your printable content as a server-side process and stores them with their original records. This enables your records to be available for as long as your retention schedules dictate, even when authoring software applications become obsolete.

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Space Management

The Space Management module for Content Manager enables you to manage paper and other physical records in a long-term storage facility. You can define a storage hierarchy that represents your physical storage space and set up different physical storage bays and shelving layouts, improving the location, retrieval and management of your physical records.

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The VERS Rendering Module for Content Manager enables you to comply with the Victorian Electronic Records Standard (VERS) framework of standards which species a standard format for electronic records. It ensures that all records are stored in the legislated format, to enable viewing of records in the future, regardless of the system that created them.

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The Workflow Module is workflow engine embedded in the Content Manager that allows you to relate workflows to documents and records so that the right people have immediate access to the information they need. The workflow module includes, a graphical workflow editor, template based workflow creation, sequential and parallel routing, decision branching, escalation, activity suspension and authorisation of complex processes.

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