365|2CM Micro Focus Content Manager

The FYB 365|2CM App automatically transfers information from SharePoint and Microsoft Teams into Micro Focus Content Manager.

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Using the FYB 365|2CM App will provide the following benefits:
  • Allows users to choose which platform they work from, being SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or Content Manager
  • Streamlines the storage of information created in SharePoint or Microsoft Teams, reducing duplication and versioning issues
  • Eliminate siloed repositories of unmanaged information
  • Ensures you are capturing and managing records in accordance with recordkeeping and other compliance requirements, mitigating risk
  • Provides a central repository for the management of records, thereby making the discovery process faster and more effective
  • Ensures that information being created in repositories such as SharePoint and Microsoft Teams is then able to add value to the business

What's new in v1.8.9?
  • New MSI installer has been built for the 365|2CM desktop app
  • Users can now select the record type to use when creating subfolders within Content Manager
  • Added ability for users to specify the Default Application Pool Identity when installing the 365|2CM API
  • Users' M365 profile picture is now displayed in 365|2CM
  • Improved the functionality of Classification search bars.
  • Subsites within the Sites page of 365|2CM now displays the name of the Parent Site as well
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  • Micro Focus Content Manager 9.3x, 9.4x, 10x
  • Valid Micro Focus Content Manager License
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 10
  • The account used to run the app pool will need to be a local admin on the server and will need to be an Active Directory/Domain account
  • Ability to register an application on Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • The web application will need to be HTTPS-protected; this is not an FYB requirement but a Microsoft Azure requirement
  • Register a new application on Microsoft Azure AD
  • Grant API permission to the azure application on Microsoft Azure AD
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Must be installed onto a server that has the Content Manager workgroup server components and Content Manager client
  • Users of the application will need to have their M365 login populated onto their Content Manager profiles
  • An externally exposed site setup in Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager
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