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We can develop comprehensive training materials to support your organisation's success. Our innovative training materials are designed to empower your team with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively utilise Content Manager, InMailX and FYB Software.

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Content Manager, InMailX and FYB Software Training Materials

We work closely with your organisation to determine the most effective training materials needed for your team. Our goal is to ensure that every individual is equipped with the knowledge and skills to complete their day to day tasks across Content Manager, InMailX and FYB Software. The following types of training materials can be developed for your users:

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User Manuals

Our user manuals cover various topics, from administrator functionality to end user functionality. These comprehensive manuals provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring your team is equipped to navigate and maximise the potential of Content Manager, InMailX and FYB Software confidently.

Quick Reference Guides

Sometimes you need information at your fingertips. Our quick reference guides offer concise and easy-to-follow instructions for immediate reference. You can choose between static guides or ones enriched with gifs, depending on your preference and specific requirements.

2-3 min Online Learning Modules

To cater to different learning styles, we offer engaging online learning modules. These bite-sized modules are perfect for busy schedules and can be seamlessly integrated into your organisation's Learning Management System (LMS). If desired, we can even include quizzes to reinforce learning outcomes.

Training Courses

Why work with us?

  • Our team is experienced and versatile, we work collaboratively with you to design and implement innovative solutions
  • We’ll help you leverage your investment in existing technologies so your solutions are robust and work more efficiently for you
  • We deliver solutions that meet or exceed your expectations, on time and within your budget


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Explore how our exceptional training materials can empower your team, enhance productivity, and elevate your organisation's information governance practices.

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