OpenText (Micro Focus) Content Manager Development

Off-the shelf applications rarely address all your business requirements; therefore, we design and develop custom add-ins and connectors for OpenText (Micro Focus) Content Manager to enhance its capabilities to better meet the needs of your organisation and your users.

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OpenText Content Manager software

Add-ins enhance the functionality and behaviour of OpenText (Micro Focus) Content Manager, whilst Connectors enable us to integrate systems.

We have a suite of add-ins and connectors already available on subscription basis (please click here for more information); however, we are also able to develop bespoke solutions for your unique requirements.

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We will work with you

Where there is clear value-add for other organisations in the development of a bespoke add-in or connector, we will look to develop the solution for inclusion in our suite of products.  This provides cost savings to our customers, making the add-ins and connectors more affordable.

Our consultants and developers will work with you to analyse and understand your requirements to develop a solution which addresses your specific needs.

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Why work with us?

  • Our team is experienced and versatile, we work collaboratively with you to design and implement innovative solutions
  • We’ll help you leverage your investment in existing technologies so your solutions are robust and work more efficiently for you
  • We deliver solutions that meet or exceed your expectations, on time and within your budget


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If you have a unique business process or requirements that can’t be addressed with standard Content Manager functionality, or you would like to connect your systems then contact us today to discuss your needs.

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