February 3, 2021

Micro Focus Content Manager 10

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Content Manager 10 is nearly here and it looks to be a very exciting release, with lots of great features for end users and administrators alike, here are a few key new features and functionality of CM10:

  • Shortcuts tool bar additional Option called More which by default includes access to Check in Styles, Dashboard, Scheduled tasks, To Do Items, My Consignments, Consignment Approvals, Scheduled Tasks Trays and Meetings
  • There has been a number of visual changes to provide a clean look and user friendly experience
  • The terminology for the Classifications has been changed to Category and when accessing Category it is now displayed in an explorer window
  • New features within the Enterprise Studio allow for greater flexibility in controlling Elasticsearch. Additional changes include utilising OpenID to replace Azure AD authentication and OneDrive Connect to enable an integration between Content Manager and OneDrive
  • There has been a number of changes to the User Options providing controls of the Explorer interface
  • The External links will now open in the List Pane and can easily be created within a few clicks


  • The web client User Interface has been updated to align with the Explorer Interface added to the Content Manager Client in CM 9.4.
  • View Pane has been added to the right hand side of the screen, allowing users to quickly see view the Properties of a record
  • Updated Search Bar to mirror the functionality available within the CM Client Quick Search Bar

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