August 28, 2018

Content Manager 9.3 New Features and Functionality

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This month Content Manager 9.3 was released, let's dive into a few of the new features and functionality:

  • A Content Manager tab has been included in Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), this allows you to edit properties of a record and finalise documents from within the application without needing to go back to the CM9.3 client.
  • Enhanced quick search bar that enables you to select what you are searching for more easily.
  • You can add favourite search types to your drop-down lists.
  • There is now the ability to specify the list pane columns that are displayed for search results (very useful when used in conjunction with Saved Searches).
  • Saved Searches can now be created that prompt the user to enter the search criteria (parameter) for that a specified search method.
  • A new and improved Location Search Window appears whenever you are required to select a location.
  • Reassign Action is available for the Context Menu of a Record.
  • Tag and Task has been enhanced to include many new properties that can be updated on bulk.
  • Dropzone is a new addition that can be turned on through your User Options. When you minimise the desktop interface, it will provide you with the DropZone interface that enables users to quickly drag and drop documents and emails onto favourite folders.
  • Records can now pass through a document review process allowing a series of reviewers to comment on, modify and approve or disapprove the content of a record.
  • When multiple records require Access Control settings to be customized in CM9.3 new options have been added which will allow you to Add Locations to Access Controls, Remove Locations from Access Controls and Replace the Access Controls with a new list of Locations.

The complete list of enhancements and new features can be found in the Content Manager 9.3 release notes that can be accessed here.

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