August 29, 2019

Content Manager 9.4 New Features and Functionality

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This month Content Manager 9.4 was released, with over 150+ enhancements and new features we won't name them all but here are a few key new features and functionality of CM9.4:

  • Event Based Archiving is a new trigger method for retention schedules based on real-world events, it can be set to automatically or manually trigger based on the event occurrence.
  • Updates to the CM9.4 Web Client including creation of multiple records via drag and drop, viewing Office documents via Office online, custom logo support
  • The new dashboard allows users to access work items lists with a breakdown of the number of items that are within the set time periods.
  • A new explorer interface within Content Manager 9.4 allows hierarchical view of group of records for item types in a single explorer styled window.
  • You can define the settings to determine how the document metadata is extracted from the electronic documents being checked into CM9.4.
  • New options have been included to enhance the existing Microsoft Office Integration such as new default file storage and the ability to create revisions for non-mail Outlook items, such as Notes

The complete list of enhancements and new features can be found in the Content Manager 9.4 release notes that can be accessed here.

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