Nillumbik Shire Council transformed their information management by integrating systems for a seamless user experience


Nillumbik Shire Council integrates core systems with Content Manager

Implementing OpenText Content Manager and FYB Pathway2CM has provided Nillumbik Shire Council with the following key capabilities and features:

  • An easy to use, simple and seamless user experience allowing staff to be compliant with our record keeping obligations without being a burden.
  • Increased enterprise operational efficiency through timely access to the correct record and reduction in loss or misplacement of valuable information.
  • Integrated to key systems including customer relationship management, planning, building, and asset management.

The Solution

Content Manager is a governance-based enterprise content document and records management system designed to help organisations manage their business content from creation to disposal.

The FYB Pathway2CM connector has unlimited possibilities to allow your organisation to seamlessly provide two-way integration between Infor Pathway and OpenText Content Manager.

About the Council

Known as “the Green Wedge Shire”, Nillumbik is located in Melbourne’s north-east. The Shire is approximately 25km from the Central Business District. Nillumbik’s green wedge covers over 90 per cent of the total area of the Shire and includes many state and national parks.


  • Nillumbik Shire Council were using SharePoint 2010 as its records management solution, the system was not meeting the needs of the business and staff at council
  • The software was no longer supported and was not configured in a manner that lends itself to be efficient and effective
  • Records management was challenging with staff hesitant to use the system given its onerous nature
  • The Council did not have a dedicated EDRMS in place to manage councils records thus council was not compliant with Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) standards


Using Content Manager and FYB Pathway2CM has:

  • Ensured staff are completing records management without even realising it through integration to core business systems
  • Aligned the Council to their overall digital strategy and ahead of many other councils in the area
  • Enabled the council to focus on continuous improvement projects without the limitation and burden of not fit for purpose solutions

“The EDRMS project was an enormous challenge presented to the project team. Given the state of the legacy data inherited (SharePoint, InfoVision, oMail, Pathway) and the advent of the coronavirus just after the project started, the team was able to adapt, learn and execute to a high standard not seen at Nillumbik before”

Daniel Tarquinio, IT Applications Lead, Nillumbik Shire Council


It was very clear that we selected the right partner to help us complete this project. FYB offered Project Management, Change Management, great Training and superior product and industry knowledge.

FYB and the Nillumbik project team shared the same high standards to deliver an exceptional outcome to the customer. FYB were always willing to meet or exceed these standards and have a very strong culture within the resources provided to keep the demanding project team happy. This project was completed on time and within budget with no surprises.

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Nillumbik Shire Council transformed their information management by integrating systems for a seamless user experience
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