February 23, 2022

Managing controlled documents the easy way

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What is document control?

Document control refers to the application of document management standards within an organisation to govern the creation, review, approval, distribution, and accessibility of documents.

Examples of Controlled Documents

Here are just a few examples of documents that may require quality control:

  • Policy
  • Procedure
  • Technical Drawing
  • Maps
  • Transport Routes
  • Floorplan

Challenges of managing controlled documents

  • Email chains to review and approve a document that might go backwards and forwards for weeks, holding up the entire process
  • Document review dates are laid out in an excel spreadsheet that needs to be checked weekly or even daily taking up valuable staff hours
  • Whilst it's helpful to have different departments involved in creating controlled documents, if there isn't a central location to manage the documents and they sit with each department, wrong versions may slip into circulation

These are only a few of the challenges you could be facing and if these are describing your current situation you may find a quality management system valuable to automate your current process and improve the overall experience with your controlled documents.

What is a quality management system?

A Qualilty Management System (QMS) enables your organisation to track the development of controlled documents from drafting through to approval, providing you with one source of truth and ensuring you are meeting industry compliance, recordkeeping and ISO 9001 standards.

What are the benefits of a quality management system?

  • Increase productivity and efficiency, bringing internal costs down
  • Better and consistent control of business information, reducing risk
  • Meet industry compliance, recordkeeping and ISO 9001 standards

Are you ready for a quality management system?

If you've got Micro Focus Content Manager, we've got the perfect solution for you. FYB DocUControl leverages Micro Focus Content Manager to deliver a seamless and efficient solution for the publication of quality documentation such as policies, procedures, maps, drawings and work instructions to your intranet and website.

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