March 3, 2022

Why choose FYB Mediazel over Google Photos?

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The number one difference between FYB Mediazel and Google Photos is records compliance. Keeping all your images in google photos has the same level of compliance as a “My Images” folder on your desktop. Using FYB Mediazel alongside Content Manager ensures you are meeting records compliance and provides you with an intuitive interface to easily upload, manage and share your organisations media items.

For an information and records management team selecting Mediazel for records compliance is a no brainer, but to get marketing/design teams on board and the rest of the business that's not the only reason to choose Mediazel.

Here's some features from Google Photos you can continue to enjoy through FYB Mediazel:


Being able to access your media items anywhere, anytime is no problem with the web app accessible across all your devices.

Media sharing

Users can easy share links to download or view the media items which can be done individually or users can tag multiple media items to send all at once.


Find images by title, tags and more, plus the refine search criteria can be customised through the administration console to suit your organisations needs. Give users the ability to locate images that are approved for publishing or created by a certain person on a certain date.

Now for the extras, let's have a look at where FYB Mediazel stands out:

Records Compliance

FYB Mediazel works together with Micro Focus Content Manager to provide you with an easy way to capture and manage your media items for their entire life cycle. Micro Focus Content Manager is designed to help government agencies, regulated industries and global organisations manage their business content from creation to disposal.


Within the admin console you are able to upload a watermark overlay that can be downloaded onto any image. A helpful feature if you need to share images with external users so they aren't able to re-use the images.

Convert Files on Download

When downloading an image from the Mediazel you have the option to convert the file type to JPG, PNG, TIF or GIF. As well as converting the file type you have the option to download a high or low resolution image.

Related Records

Media items can easily be related to other media items or to other files stored within Micro Focus' Content Manager. This feature is ideal when needing to show a relationship to a consent form to authorise the use of the photograph.

Generate Media Reports

Create a PDF report of selected media items that you can easily share with internal and external stakeholders.


Track user uploads, downloads and views visually through graphs and further refine results by date.

I'm interested in FYB Mediazel, but still have more questions

I like what I'm reading can I get a demo?

Most definitely! You can check out our overview video here or click here to request a one-on-one demo from one of our friendly team members.

Can I speak to someone on the team?

Of course, give us a call on 1800 392 392 or drop us an email on and one of our team members will get in touch.

I'm using Google Photos now, can everything easily be migrated over?

Yes, with the ability to bulk upload, media items can easily be transferred to Mediazel.

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