August 4, 2022

FYB Mediazel - It's not just for the marketing team

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When it comes to implementing and using a Digital Asset Management solution like FYB Mediazel, it's important to understand it benefits the entire business and not just the marketing team. We've outlined 4 different user types and the benefits of using FYB Mediazel for each.


Contributors are the users who will be uploading assets to FYB Mediazel and these users come in many different forms depending on your organisation and industry. A tourism company, for example may have photographers who need to upload new assets into the system and a council on the other hand could have workers on site taking photos of incidents or issues that need to be uploaded.

Using Mediazel to upload assets into Content Manager enables Contributors to:

  • Bulk upload images from any device at anytime, assisting onsite contributors to save media as soon as it's created
  • Easily tag images individually or in bulk as part of the upload process, ensuring images can easily be found by other users
  • Have tags automatically populate on each image with the Google Vision integration


Explorer is another name for your end users, the people within your organisation who need to search and find media to use in their day to day tasks. For example a CEO might search for the company logo to use in a document whereas a road safety officer might be looking for images of unsafe roads in a particular suburb. Both very different end users but are still able to experience benefits of Mediazel.

Here's a few ways Mediazel will enhance their experience in finding media items:

  • Enable them to infinitely scroll media thumbnails to locate the image required
  • Leverage GPS coordinates to search and locate images within a selected radius on a map with thumbnail previews
  • Allow them to navigate user labels to find brand materials quickly and easily. Check out this short article with a few tips and tricks on how you can use FYB Mediazel for brand asset management.


Creator refers to your graphic designers, web designers, marketing officers etc who rely on sourcing digital assets and re-purposing them. For example take the tourism company, their graphic designer would search for the photographers newest uploads to use in the next social media post or email campaign. It's likely they will need to edit the assets using the Adobe Creative Suite which is where the Mediazel Adobe Connector will be beneficial to the designers, enabling them to complete the following tasks from within Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign:

  • Easily search for images to use in their project
  • Capture new artworks into Mediazel
  • Quick access to favourite media items such as logos or other key branding collateral stored within Mediazel


Overseeing the success of a platform within a business is often a managers task and the easiest way to review success is through statistics. The FYB Mediazel statistics shows app usage including uploads, downloads and views to provide Managers with an overview for tracking the success of the app.

So there you have it, 4 different types of users that can benefit by using FYB Mediazel.
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