April 27, 2022

Using Mediazel for Brand Asset Management

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Brand guidelines are designed to keep your team in check and consistent when it comes to your branding. If they don't have easy access to your brand assets this is where consistency can go sideways. FYB Mediazel is a great resource to manage your media assets but have you ever considered taking it up a notch to manage your brand assets?

We've put together this short article with a few tips and tricks on how you can use FYB Mediazel for brand asset management.

For these tips and tricks we'll be using a combination of the Labels, Related Records and Additional Field features, let's jump in.

Upload your brand assets

If your assets aren't already stored in FYB Mediazel start by adding them in, Mediazel supports bulk upload so you can easily upload all your logos and branding!

Create Meaningful Labels

The labels feature of Mediazel is key to dividing and categorising your brand assets. You can create labels for just about anything but here's a few examples:

  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Designer Templates
  • PowerPoint Templates

Labels are easy to create straight from the interface, simply tag all the images required and add them to an existing label or create a new one.

Reviewing label access

Depending on how your Content Manager is configured, you may need to adjust the Access Controls for the label to ensure the rest of the team is able to view and navigate your new labels.

In some circumstances you may wish to limit the label access for example Designer Templates for Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator will only be useful to your marketing and design teams.

Related Records

Related records are key to enabling your end users to download documents and templates that are not in a regular media format such as PNG or JPG. To provide your team with PowerPoint templates you can upload a screenshot of the template to FYB Mediazel as a visual reference, in the related records section you can relate the PowerPoint Template in pptx format for your end users to easily download and use.

Here's some practical examples of how you can set up labels to categorise your brand assets


To show and manage colours in Mediazel, upload a swatch of the colour for visual representation. To store the key colour values such as RGB, CMYK and Pantone, these can be added into an additional field or the notes for end users to copy and use as required.

If you need to restrict the usage of the colours for example internal colours and external colours, you can easily add image restrictions to the media file to highlight when and if a colour should only be used internally. These concepts can also be used for any other branding imagery.


A visual representation should be developed for each font variant, here's an example.

Once the visual representation is uploaded to Mediazel, you can easily leverage the related records feature to attach the font file (.otf or .ttf) for users to download.

If any further usage advise is required this can be added into the notes section, for example "this font should be used at a minimum of size 12pt".

Designer Templates

Setting up designer templates is a breeze with the Adobe Creative Cloud Integration. Marketing and Design teams can create the template in Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator and capture it straight into Mediazel from Adobe. When it's time to use the template, designers can search for the template, open it and save it as a new file ready to add in content. If any changes are ever required for the original templates, the design team can easily open the template in Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator and once it's saved the design is reflected straight back into the Mediazel to use.

By utilising Mediazel for brand asset management you can provide access to brand materials ensuring your brand remains consistent across your team.

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