August 18, 2022

DocUControl - A solution for the whole team

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Document control is the drafting, review, approval and publication process of your organisational policies, procedures and work instructions. The process will effect a wide range of departments and team members so when it comes to selecting a Quality Management System to support this process it's going to impact the whole team in different ways.

FYB DocUControl leverages Micro Focus Content Manager to deliver a seamless and efficient solution for the publication of quality documentation, so there's a place for everyone in the document control process.

Let's take a look at how FYB DocUControl can benefit your staff:

Document Control Officer

The document control officer will be responsible for reviewing a document when a new version is created and ensuring that the policy is reviewed and published by the due date. FYB DocUControl helps the document control officer stay on top of document reviews with regular reminders plus workflow and actions to complete as part of the process.

Policy Owner

The Policy Owner is the overall owner of the document such as a manager or a leader of a business unit/division. An escalation email will be sent to this person if the document that is under review has not been published by its due date, this ensures Policy Owners can remain up to date on document reviews automatically.

End User

Your end users will only ever see the latest finalised version in an easy to use web interface, accessible across all their devices. Navigating documents is easy with categories, these can be set to define the document type for example policy or procedure, and within each document type you are also able to define categories such as HR or Communication and Technology. When end users need to search for controlled documents they can perform a quick search or an advanced search to find the policy or procedure they need.


Managers will have increased confidence in controlled documents with the FYB DocUControl in-built document review scheduler to ensure consistent reviews of controlled documents. This feature will create new versions of documents at given intervals and notifies users of overdue or upcoming document reviews.

It is often a requirement for managers to complete reporting and the following statistics can be accessed at anytime:

  • Overdue Documents
  • Draft Documents
  • Recently Created Documents
  • Approaching Review
  • Total Controlled Documents Created
Discover how FYB DocUControl provides a seamless solution for the publication of quality documentation
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