May 31, 2022

4 processes you should automate

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Automating processes removes human intervention to decrease errors, increases task delivery speed and overall quality. With all these benefits, why aren't you automating more processes? Perhaps you need a few ideas.

Before we discuss some manual processes that you can automate using Microsoft Power Automate, Content Manager and FYB Power2CM, let’s have a look at these solutions and how they work together.

Microsoft Power Automate enables users to build automated processes with easy to use drag-and-drop tools to streamline a range of repetitive mundane tasks with ease. Generating a document is often the final step of a flow and it’s important to ensure your organisation is storing and managing this information appropriately which is where Micro Focus Content Manager and Power2CM can assist.

Micro Focus’ Content Manager helps organisations manage their business content from creation to disposal. When creating a Power Automate Flow, you can add FYB Power2CM as an action to send documents to Content Manager to ensure you are meeting your requirements for the storage and management of documents and records.

Let’s review some processes you should automate using Microsoft Power Automate, Content Manager and FYB Power2CM:

Online Forms

Using online forms is an easy way to collect data, whether it's a contact form, issue request or survey Microsoft Forms can easily be set up to get the information you need. Once you have the information, it's important to store and manage it appropriately which is where Power2CM can assist. On submission of a Microsoft Form a new record can automatically be created in Content Manger with the form data to ensure you are meeting your recordkeeping compliance requirements.

Whilst Microsoft Forms is our favourite there's connectors for Cognito Forms, Elastic Forms and more, see the full list of Power Automate connectors here.

Signed Agreements

Electronic signatures are the new norm, with so much work taking place outside the traditional office, signing electronically has become a key part of the work-from-anywhere model.

Power Automate flows can be created for Adobe Sign or DocUSign to complete actions after an agreement has been signed. By adding the FYB Power2CM action, you can capture the agreement as soon as it's been signed into Content Manager for simple capture and management.


Users spend a lot of time in their emails day to day, plus the additional time it takes to capture and manage the emails in a document management system. When it comes to repetitive emails, Power Automate with Power2CM can assist in automatically capturing emails on send or receive into Content Manager.

For example if you had a group inbox that handles invoices, these could be captured into Content Manager. If you are receiving consistent templated emails with reference numbers such as an employee number or invoice number, Power2CM can use that data within the email to search for an appropriate container to save the email into.

Social Media

Social media provides organisations with the opportunity to deliver services, consult and communicate with a wide variety of individuals across the globe. With this opportunity also comes the challenge of capturing and managing your social media records.

Gone are the days where organisations are taking screenshots across their social media channels to upload into Content Manager to ensure they are meeting their compliance requirements, there's a much easier way.

A Power Automate flow scheduled to check Twitter, Instagram and Facebook everyday means you don't have to keep looking for new updates, the social media templates included with FYB Power2CM can check so you don't have to.

Power Automate flows can be created for just about anything and there are so many workflow templates to get you started, discover the possibilities here.

Automating your records compliance has never been easier with Microsoft Power Automate, Content Manager and FYB Power2CM

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