What dashboards can I create in Reportilize?

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Creating business dashboards in Micro Focus’ Content Manager wasn’t possible, so that’s why we introduced FYB Reportilize. The app allows users to easily create dashboards with Content Manager data that can viewed and shared across your organisation.

We often come across customers creating interesting dashboards to help track and measure their key performance indicators. Providing your team with on demand access to KPIs not only helps them reach targets but can also help them stay in control of their day to day tasks.

Here’s a few ideas to inspire your next dashboard creation:

Overdue Actions

Staying on top of actions is an important part of your team's day to day tasks, with a dashboard to review overdue actions you can assess where team members need additional assistance and time extensions.

Filter Actions by Group

Not only can you review all actions, you can filter by Content Manager groups. This helps you drill down to review individuals within your team.

Whilst group filters work across all dashboards, this is a great practical example.

Legal Matter Detail Report

View detailed information on new and closed matters by manager and type

Talent Management

Create dashboards to review your current vs past employees and map out important milestones, such as how many staff have completed training.

Record Volume from 365|2CM

Track records registered from SharePoint and Network Shares using FYB 365|2CM vs records registered directly into CM. You can set up searches to show last month and this month to track the trends.

Don't forget the more detailed data you put into Content Manager the bigger and more detailed your Reportilize dashboards will be.

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