April 4, 2019

Microsoft Teams Records Readiness Assessment

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FYB has developed a work package to provide guidance and support to your organise on how to implement Microsoft Teams to ensure you can provide a seamless collaboration and communication solution to your users with the recordkeeping compliance requirements taken care off in the background.

This work includes an initial site survey to understand your drivers and expected outcomes for implementing Microsoft Teams.  FYB will then provide you with documented guidance on how best to implement Microsoft Teams for your organisation’s specific needs.

Micro Focus Content Manager customers will be excited to know that we are investigating the development of an FYB Teams2CM connector

Enabling your users to upload information from Micro Focus Content Manager to Microsoft Teams and download information from Microsoft Teams to Micro Focus Content Manager.

Please contact us to register your interest in the FYBTeams2CM Connector or a Microsoft Teams Records Readiness Assessment.

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