July 26, 2021

Micro Focus Content Manager Cloud and CM Select

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There is a lot of jargon and slick marketing around CM Select and the new Micro Focus Content Manager cloud which makes it confusing to identify what is real value and what is just, well … slick marketing.
That’s what FYB is here for.

We break down all the jargon and we break down all the fancy marketing words. We get to know you and your environment so that we can put forward recommendations and suggestions on the best way to maintain and locate your Content Manager.

Here’s a brief overview:


The traditional way to store and maintain Content Manager. Maintaining control of your data is a big reason why organisations select this option. From what we are seeing it is still the preferred method of maintaining and storing Content Manager for customers.

Private Cloud

This is fast becoming the way organisations want to have their Content Manager. They get the advantages of cloud, but also remain in control of their Content Manager, where it is stored, how it’s stored, and many other benefits (such as integrations).

Cloud (CMSaaS)

A new offering from Micro Focus to provide a “cloud” instance of Content Manager. However, it is designed for large organisations, starting at 1,000 users. It is fully managed and hosted by Micro Focus. There are also considerations around existing integrations (limited in the MF Cloud), and how that would work.

Cloud (CMPaaS)

Also a new offering from Micro Focus to provide a “cloud” instance of Content Manager fully managed by partners like FYB. Like the one above, it's designed for large organisations, starting out at 1,000 users. While we use the Micro Focus Cloud, it is fully hosted and managed by FYB, so you get all the “FYB” benefits.

As you can see there are plenty of options out there, though it’s the On-Premise and Private Cloud scenarios that are the most appealing to customers, as it provides you with control, integrity, privacy and security.

Content Manager Select, is also something new and in simple terms is a new licensing model for Micro Focus Content Manager. There are some advantages for some customers, but for the majority of customers the benefits at this stage remain with the current License / Perpetual model.

FYB are experts when it comes to Micro Focus Content Manager licensing, and we can work with you to determine what the best licensing model is for your organisation.

Contact FYB if you have any questions about Content Manager cloud and licensing models, we are happy to help

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