August 23, 2021

Micro Focus Content Manager 10 Patch 1

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Micro Focus have released Content Manager 10 Patch 1, which includes a number of resolved issues that we think you'll look forward to.

Here's some of the issues that have been addressed in CM10 Patch 1:

  • Pressing Enter within Notes no longer inserts a new line, but instead accepts your changes
  • Notes occasionally saving without the content body, and only adding the user stamp
  • Using the arrow keys within an entry field (such as the Author field on our Document Record Type) no longer cycles between previous values
  • Saved Searches Button returns a new interface that shows all saved searches without any groupings. Whilst the new interface still exists, it is now able to show Search Groups properly
  • Pressing Enter on Parameter Prompted Saved Searches closes window without running the search
  • Unable to use shortcut keys to reassign actions within the context menu. This issue has been fixed, however shortcuts are not marked within the interface.
  • Saved Search Groups also showing individual searches in list
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