September 9, 2021

FYB Software Testing Process

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Have you ever wondered how we test our FYB Software solutions? Here's a little snippet of what's involved

Automated Regression Testing

We use Selenium to undertake our regression testing which is an open source testing framework used heavily throughout the industry.

Testing Process

Our testing falls into 4 stages:

  1. Unit Testing
  2. Integration Testing
  3. System Testing
  4. User Acceptance Testing
Unit Testing
  • Automation is key during this stage
  • Involves targeting small sections of code to confirm functionality of the solution (e.g. download a document)
Integration Testing
  • This stage combines unit tests enabling you to check an entire feature of the product
  • For example, you might have 6 or 7 unit tests that make up the upload form of a solution
  • An integration test is combining those unit tests together to ensure the upload form works as expected from an end to end experience
System Testing
  • Involves the tester installing the solution into an environment and following a test script to confirm functionality of the product, this includes assessing the usability of the software
  • The idea of this stage is to complete testing in an environment that is as close to production as possible
  • Testers during this stage are ISTQB Certified.
User Acceptance Testing
  • This stage is to assess the experience for an end user and also confirm the software conforms with the design standard for all FYB Apps, Add-ins and Connectors
  • Testers during this stage require no knowledge of the inner workings of the solution or how it gets deployed/installed
  • The goal is to use the solution and ensure it meets the requirements

Implementing and following this testing process has enabled us to release more stable builds of our products.

FYB Partner Program

Whilst this isn't direct testing, it's another method for us to get solid feedback into how our FYB Software solution are performing. This program has been created for a handful of customers to allow them to have direct input into our software solutions, access to early releases and for us to bounce around ideas of what we are planning to develop.

As our testers move through rounds of testing the version number can change, have you ever wondered how the versioning numbers work in FYB Apps, Add-ins and Connectors?
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