August 30, 2023

Build Data Trust with Voltage Fusion

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What is Data trust?

Data trust refers to the confidence and assurance that an organisation's data is reliable, secure, and can be effectively utilised. It involves having trust in the quality, accuracy, and accessibility of data to make informed decisions and drive business outcomes. Trust in data is vital because it enables organisations to rely on data-driven insights and use them effectively.

Building Data Trust

Data trust comes with knowing your information inside and out. Each organisation’s journey will be different but key initiatives include discovering data, providing insights and ensuring data protection at all times. To facilitate Data Trust within your organisation, a platform such as Voltage Fusion by OpenText may be valuable to streamline the discovery, analysis and management of your data, in line with regulatory compliance.

How does Voltage Fusion deliver Data Trust?


Discovering data is a critical first step in any data governance initiative. The process begins with building a comprehensive inventory of your organisation's data assets and their locations. Voltage Fusion simplifies this process by connecting to range of data repositories across your organisation to evaluate the underlying risk across your ecosystem on-premises and in the cloud. Once connected to structured and unstructured data across repositories such as Network file shares, SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, Voltage Fusion is able to detect personally identifiable information (PII), including rich media analysis of images, audio, and video files.


Data insights are central to observing your data governance. When gaining insights into your data, one of the first steps is conducting a risk assessment. Through Voltage Fusion information can be scored and visualised to help you identify your organisation's data risk. Easily assign categories and business purpose to prioritise your risk reduction, ensuring you address your most sensitive data first.


Ensuring data protection requires an array of measures to safeguard data every step of the way. With Voltage Fusion, remediation actions to be applied to selected files without the need for moving or copying the data from its source, ensuring that whether your information is at-rest, in-motion or in-use it is protected. The solution also supports disposition and records management capabilities for managing the lifecycle of data, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.


Regular monitoring of data access is critical in detecting any security and privacy breaches. Custom policies and controls can be developed within Voltage Fusion to monitor, remediate and proactively manage sensitive data and access across critical data repositories. Inbuilt dashboards allow you to identify sensitive data, where it is located across the enterprise, and drill down into the data for deeper analysis, enabling you to monitor and protect data quickly.


Data governance is the foundation of data management; it involves ensuring data is managed in line with regulatory compliance and is accessible each time. Voltage Fusion is able to apply data lifecycle policies based on content, age, permissions, relevancy, and risk. As part of this process, actions can be applied to move/migrate information, declare as a record, update metadata and legal hold. Data can easily be consolidated with Voltage Fusion and defensible deletion can be performed to data at the source, helping to combine and reduce repositories for more sustainable data management.

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