Digital asset management for Content Manager

The FYB Mediazel provides users with an intuitive, online interface enabling them to easily upload, manage and share your organisation’s media items such as photographs, illustrations, audio and video stored within OpenText Content Manager.
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Media Compliance
Leverage your existing Micro Focus Content Manager platform to manage media files from creation to disposal.
Search and Navigate Media
Performing quick and advanced searches return thumbnail results that users can visually scroll through to find the required media item. Video and audio can be streamed directly in the app.
Integrates with Adobe
Using Adobe Illustrator, inDesign and Photoshop, designers can search through images and link assets into their design files.
Check and Action Media
Confirm media quality, extension and other automatically extracted metadata properties before downloading and distributing media.

Key features

  • Intuitive interface for quick and easy searching and navigation, including thumbnail search results with infinity scroll
  • Drag and drop, and multiple upload functionality that detects duplicates on upload
  • Ability to extract MP3 audio from videos during upload
  • Integration with Google Vision to provide an auto image classification service that will automatically pre-populate the tags on media items as they are uploaded
  • Integration with Google Speech and Microsoft Speech to Text to transcribe audio files on upload and pre-populate tags
  • Automatic capture of EXIF metadata including GPS coordinates
  • Ability to add and update GPS coordinates, navigate to a map view of the item’s original location and search for images within a selected GPS range
  • Video and audio streaming
  • Add image restriction notifications from the admin console
  • Add media items to your favourites
  • Add tags or labels to media items to allow items to be grouped together
  • Create multiple annotations for an image with the ability to specify which to download
  • Ability to display related media items
  • Ability to share single or multiple media items via a URL link
  • Convert file type and select resolution prior to downloading media items
  • Adobe CC Connector (available for Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign)
  • Ability to upload a watermark overlay that can be downloaded onto any image
  • Intuitive admin console and online help centre
Using the FYB Mediazel will provide the following benefits:
  • Simple deployment and upgrade process reduces technical resourcing
  • Streamlines the storage of your media items in a central location, reducing storage costs
  • Intuitive interface, requiring no training, reducing the cost of deployment
  • Upload media items, from any location, on any device making your team more productive
  • Access media items, when you need it, anywhere anytime, so you can respond more efficiently to customer requests

Adobe CC Connector

The FYB Mediazel Adobe connector provides users with a convenient way to view, edit and create new media documents from within various Adobe applications.

The Mediazel Adobe connector can operate with the following Adobe applications:
  • Photoshop (Ps)
  • Illustrator (Ai)
  • InDesign (Id)


  • OpenText Content Manager 10x, 10.1x, 23.x
  • Windows Server 2016 (IIS 10) or greater
  • The account used to run the app pool will need to be an Active Directory/Domain account
  • The account used to run the app pool will need access to Content Manager
  • Access to Mediazel requires the user to have a valid Content Manager license
  • The application will need to be HTTPS-protected
  • Mediazel must be installed onto a Content Manager workgroup server
  • .NET 6 SDK (x64) version 6.0.400 or greater must be installed on the hosting system
  • ASP.NET Core Runtime Hosting Bundle version 6.0.8 or greater must be installed on the hosting system
  • The Mediazel is currently supported using the following browsers:
    - Google Chrome
    - Mozilla Firefox
    - Microsoft Edge
  • The Mediazel Adobe connector supports the following Adobe products:
    - Photoshop 21 (CEP 9) onwards
    - InDesign 15 (CEP 9) onwards
    - Illustrator 24 (CEP 9) onwards

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