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The FYB 365|2CM App automatically transfers information from Microsoft 365 and Network Shares into OpenText Content Manager
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Media Compliance
Leverage your existing Micro Focus Content Manager platform to manage media files from creation to disposal.
Search and Navigate Media
Performing quick and advanced searches return thumbnail results that users can visually scroll through to find the required media item. Video and audio can be streamed directly in the app.
Integrates with Adobe
Using Adobe Illustrator, inDesign and Photoshop, designers can search through images and link assets into their design files.
Check and Action Media
Confirm media quality, extension and other automatically extracted metadata properties before downloading and distributing media.

Key features

  • Ability to create folder to folder connections from SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Network Shares into Content Manager
  • Ability to capture Teams Channel posts into Content Manager
  • Ability to capture Teams Chats and their files into Content Manager
  • Ability to capture documents from OneDrive into Content Manager
  • Multiple dataset support, allowing users to change datasets and configure different connections
  • Assign a Content Manager container that documents will be captured into, configure the default record type and mandatory metadata fields
  • Auto classification for new containers based on the contents of the document library
  • Replicate the folder structure from original source and select the record type to use when creating subfolders within Content Manager
  • Ability to transfer files and lock editing to ensure users edit documents from SharePoint only
  • Map access controls that dynamically update using members of the connected SharePoint site
  • Option to automatically remove documents from the original source once they have been transferred to Content Manager and finalise the record on archive
  • Automatically upload a tr5 reference file and URL link to the original source once the document has been transferred to Content Manager
  • Create new revisions of Content Manager documents that have been updated from the original source
  • Automated statistics email with app usage data
Using the FYB 365|2CM App will provide the following benefits:
  • Allows users to choose which platform they work from, being SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or Content Manager
  • Streamlines the storage of information created in Microsoft 365 and Network Shares, reducing duplication and versioning issues
  • Eliminate siloed repositories of unmanaged information
  • Ensures you are capturing and managing records in accordance with recordkeeping and other compliance requirements, mitigating risk
  • Provides a central repository for the management of records, thereby making the discovery process faster and more effective
  • Ensures that information being created in repositories such as SharePoint, MS Teams or Network Shares are then able to add value to the business


  • Content Manager 10x, 10.1x, 23.x
  • Windows Server 2016 (IIS 10) or greater
  • The account used to run the app pool will need to be an Active Directory/Domain account
  • The account used to run the app pool will need access to Content Manager
  • Ability to register an application on Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • The application will need to be HTTPS-protected
  • The application will need to be able to communicate with the Microsoft Identity Platform and Microsoft Graph API outside of your internal network
  • .NET 6 SDK (x64) version 6.0.400 or greater must be installed on the hosting system
  • ASP.NET Core Runtime Hosting Bundle version 6.0.8 or greater must be installed on the hosting system
  • Users of the application will need to have their M365 login added to their Content Manager profiles
  • SharePoint/Teams sites must be visible via the Microsoft Graph API
  • SharePoint connection is for SharePoint online only
  • Automated Teams Chat capture can only be done using the web version of Microsoft Teams
  • Compatible browsers:
    - Microsoft Edge
    - Google Chrome
    - Mozilla Firefox

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