July 14, 2022

Your Microsoft 365 Toolkit for Content Manager

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Kickstart your collaboration experience using Microsoft 365 with the confidence that you are capturing records in Content Manager to meet your recordkeeping requirements. Our Microsoft 365 Toolkit arms you with the resources, apps and connectors to deliver a better user experience with the confidence that your information is being appropriately managed within Content Manager.

Microsoft 365 remains at the forefront of businesses nowadays with over a million companies using the solution worldwide, so there's no escaping the impact of this software and the need to apply information governance. The good news? Creating a positive user experience whilst meeting your compliance obligations doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with our Microsoft 365 Toolkit.

Specifically designed to help organisations align Micro Focus Content Manager as their central repository for the management of records whilst boosting teamwork and productivity using Microsoft 365.

Here's some challenges you might be facing:

  • Users storing documents in Microsoft Teams / SharePoint with no governance and method to track the increasing volume of information being created
  • Information silos of unmanaged data unable to add value to the business
  • Content Manager information can't be referenced in SharePoint leading to duplicate information and incorrect versions being circulated
  • Unable to search across Microsoft 365 and Content Manager at the same time, slowing down information retrieval

Does that sound like your organisation? Let's address these challenges and provide you with the confidence to meet your recordkeeping requirements.

Users storing documents in Microsoft Teams / SharePoint

Microsoft Teams is an easy to use collaboration platform providing teams with everything they need to work together from the one place. By encouraging employees to use this platform they will inevitably create and store documents in Microsoft Teams but this is where FYB 365|2CM can assist by automatically transferring the documents into Micro Focus’ Content Manager.

Team Channels are key to separating topics and content to help you capture the information into the right Business Classification Scheme in Content Manager. Folder structures can also be replicated in Content Manager so your users can continue to leverage familiar functionality whilst you are capturing and managing the records behind the scenes to meet recordkeeping and other compliance requirements with FYB 365|2CM.

Content Manager information can't be referenced in SharePoint

SharePoint is an intelligent intranet that provides users with a platform to share files and resources across project teams, departments and divisions within your organisation. Sometimes the resources required for a project or team could be sitting within another system such as Content Manger. Duplicating information to reference and display on SharePoint is both risky and time consuming. Duplicate content runs the risk of being outdated but also requires excessive administration time to keep the versions matching and up to date across the platforms.

Easily reference Content Manager information in SharePoint with FYB CM2WebShare, removing risk and saving time. The intuitive connector automates the publication of records from Micro Focus’ Content Manager to your website and intranet, enabling you to control what information is displayed and how it looks, whilst maintaining security of the information at all times.

Unable to search across Microsoft 365 and Content Manager

As you incorporate Microsoft 365 to work with Content Manager there may be times you wish you could search across both platforms at once and you can, with FYB Explorezel. The intuitive search platform enables users to explore documents across Micro Focus' Content Manager and Microsoft 365 by title and the document contents.

Users can easily sort search results and filter by file type, date and source. Once the document required is found users can view, edit and download as needed but only if they have permission to do so in Content Manager/M365, ensuring the information maintains security and is only viewed by an authorised audience. FYB Explorezel is a web application however administrators can easily embed the search bar onto websites such as SharePoint, providing users with a familiar location to find what they are looking for.

Arm yourself with the FYB Microsoft 365 Toolkit for Content Manager

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