March 15, 2023

FYB 365|2CM vs Content Manager 10.1 Teams Integration

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Why choose FYB 365|2CM over the Content Manager 10.1 Teams Integration?

When given the task to find a solution to ensure Microsoft 365 is meeting your compliance requirements, you might start your research with Content Manager 10.1 Teams Integration. If you're interested in what else is out there and a solution that was first to market of it's kind, you've come to the right place. FYB 365|2CM enables you to integrate more than just Microsoft Teams, the app automatically transfers information from SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and Network Shares into Micro Focus' Content Manager to streamline the storage and management of your information.

The top reasons organisations choose FYB 365|2CM

All-in-one admin console

Unlike the Content Manager Teams Integration, FYB 365|2CM has the ability to capture information from not only Teams but SharePoint, OneDrive and Network Shares into Content Manager. This makes FYB 365|2CM a powerful all-in-one solution when it comes to eliminating siloed repositories of unmanaged information. There's no need to switch between different platforms to manage integrations, FYB 365|2CM handles all integrations/connections from the one administration console.

Simple Configuration and User Friendly

Apart from requiring minimal SharePoint/Teams Knowledge to configure the solution, FYB 365|2CM enables administrators to easily navigate through sites to document libraries and Teams Channels to create connections with Content Manager. All configured connections are clearly displayed on the homepage to track and edit as required.

tr5 Reference

The ability to automatically upload a tr5 reference file to the original source once document has been transferred to Content Manager, means that there will always be reference to the document in case users navigate back to the Microsoft Teams Channel looking for their document.

If you're still unsure here's everything you need to consider when comparing FYB 365|2CM to the Content Manager Teams Integration
Product Comparison 365|2CM Content Manager 10.1 Teams Integration
Manage SharePoint Documents within Content Manager ✔️
Manage Teams files, posts and chats within Content Manager ✔️ ✔️
Manage OneDrive files within Content Manager ✔️
Manage Network Share files within Content Manager ✔️
Automatic lifecycle management ✔️ ✔️
Replace Teams Documents with TR5 files after archival ✔️
Auto classification for new containers based on the contents of the document library ✔️
Individual Site Management Centralised within 365|2CM Requires deployment to each managed site
Mapping of Document Set/Folder Structures to Content Manager Out of the Box Configuration required
SharePoint/Teams Knowledge required Minimal Advanced

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