WaterNSW increases document capture from Microsoft Teams to Content Manager, to meet compliance obligations


WaterNSW expanded their options to collaborate with Microsoft Teams and Content Manager

FYB Teams2CM Collaborate has provided WaterNSW with the following key capabilities and features:

  • Provided the first steps in their digital evolution for Content Manager by integrating and capturing information from Microsoft Teams
  • Assisting with the capture and management of records to meet compliance obligations
  • Utilise Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate supported by Teams2CM Collaborate to archive documents

The Solution

The FYB Teams2CM Collaborate App provides a seamless integration between Microsoft Teams and Micro Focus Content Manager, enabling your users to upload information from Content Manager to Teams and download information from Teams to Content Manager.

About WaterNSW

WaterNSW supply and seek to improve availability of water that is essential for water users and the communities throughout NSW. With more than 40 dams across the state, WaterNSW supply two-thirds of water used in NSW to regional towns, irrigators, Sydney Water Corporation and local water utilities.


  • Users storing documents in Microsoft Teams with no easy option to archive items from Teams to Content Manager
  • Ability to update documents in Teams and sync changes so they were automatically available in Content Manager
  • Users wanted to expose Content Manager documents into a Teams Channel
  • Capacity to workflow documents from Teams environment and have those workflows and approvals captured in Content Manager seamlessly


Using FYB Teams2CM Collaborate has:

  • Reduced administration time
  • Increased uptake for documents to be captured in Content Manager, meeting our compliance obligations
  • Enabled expansion of collaboration technology options to work on documents supported by Teams2CM Collaborate sync and archive functions

“We have a great relationship with the FYB team, and this is continuing to evolve”

Jo Smith, Records Application Lead, WaterNSW

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