Streamlining mail processing


Cardinia Shire Council Case Study

eClou­­d oMail is a cloud based intelligent automated inbound mail and email processing solution. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), it automatically detects the type of incoming item from its contents, applies the appropriate workflow based on the Council’s business rules and extracts metadata from the contents for upload to your desired location.

The FYB oMail2CM connector automatically imports the metadata and the scanned electronic item from oMail into Content Manager applying workflow as per the business rules.

About the Council

Cardinia Shire Council is situated on the south-easternfringe of the Melbourne metropolitan area, and has a significant rural and horticultural hinterland. It includes more than 30 communities stretching from the foothills of the Dandenong ranges in the north to the shores of Western Port Bay in the south.


  • Cardinia Shire Council governs one of the most rapidly growing municipalities in Victoria with one of the lowest Council staff to population ratios. With a growing population comes increased demand for services.
  • From 2013 to 2016, Cardinia Shire Counci lexperienced a 50 per cent increase in mail received and were seeking technology to help meet this demand.


UsingeCloud oMail and the FYB oMail2CM connecter has provided the Council with thefollowing benefits:

  • Saved on average 80 hours of mail processing time per week
  • Supported the Council to achieve 100 percent quality in their data because the AI algorithms apply consistent business rules


Cardinia Shire Council approached FYB in 2016 seeking anintegration between oMail and Micro Focus’ Content Manager.
“Our teams were pleasantly surprised by FYB’sprofessional approach and how quickly they developed a reliable solution tomeet our requirements.”
“This automation provided a foundationthat has given Council’s Corporate Information team the opportunity to growtheir skills and their value to the organisation.”
RuthEdge, Corporate Information Team Leader, Cardinia Shire Council

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