Ambulance Victoria Admin System


Effective Soft Deleter Solutions

The FYB Soft Deleter has provided Ambulance Victoria with the following key capabilities and features:

  • Streamlines the process for requesting deletions from Content Manager
  • Ensures users are providing a reason for the deletion of a record from Content Manager
  • Soft deleted records can be easily restored by Administrators ensuring no loss of important business information

The Solution

The FYB Soft Deleter hides the record from the user’s view immediately within Content Manager, thereby giving the appearance that the record has been deleted, whilst flagging the item for review by a Systems Administrator ensuring business rules and record keeping requirements are maintained.

About Ambulance Victoria

Ambulance Victoria is an emergency service that prides itself on giving patients the right care at the right place at the right time.The leading edge clinical practice and lifesaving work of their paramedics underpins our purpose of improving the health outcomes of the Victorian community.

Ambulance Victoria provides pre-hospital treatment and ambulance transport for people in urgent medical emergencies, and draw upon their clinical expertise and experience to help resolve less-urgent medical issues.


  • There was no recognised process to request deletion of records from Content Manager
  • Adhoc processes meant staff generally sent emails to the Records Team or added “TO BE DELETED” in the title of the record
  • In some instances, the inability for staff to delete a record from the system has resulted in them being relucted to use Content Manager
  • There was no audit trail to indicate which documents had been requested for deletion from the system


Using the FYB Soft Deleter has provided Ambulance Victoria with the following benefits:

  • The Records Team are able to see the reason for the soft deletion, thereby enabling them to process the deletions in line with record keeping compliance requirements
  • Reduced systems administration time on the Records Team by approx. 1 hour a week
  • No user training required as the add-in was intuitive and easy to use


Ambulance Victoria have been an FYB Support Member since 2011.In 2015 they were introduced to the FYB Soft Deleter and have been using the add-in ever since.

"Implementing the FYB SoftDeleter, means that staff can soft delete their own records, lessening th eworkload on our Records Team.”

Ian Mounsey, Records Management Team Leader, Information Communication Technology, Ambulance Victoria

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